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  1. Policing laws place Christian freedoms at greater risk, warns legal group

    A Christian legal group has expressed fears for free speech and sharing the Gospel as the government clamps down on protests.
  2. New Oklahoma law requires students to use bathrooms that match their biological sex

    Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has signed into law a measure that requires students in public schools to use bathrooms that correspond with their biological sex as opposed to their gender identity.
  3. What is ableism and why should the Church care?

    We have lots of words that end with 'ism', like racism, ageism, sexism and so on. But did you know that disability also has an 'ism'?
  4. The progress in alleviating world hunger is in danger of being lost

    Compassion UK ambassador Ronnie Mulema remembers all too well what it was like growing up hungry. This World Hunger Day, he is calling on everyone to play their part in preventing more people from experiencing the same.
  5. Poll: White evangelical support for Israel higher than any other Christian group

    The survey of 10,441 US adults found that two-thirds of Americans express at least a somewhat favorable view of the Israeli people. Americans under 30 are more supportive of Palestinians.
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