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  1. The heavy price paid by Christians who stand up to Colombia's powerful drug cartels

    Colombia is 93 per cent Christian but your faith can get you killed if you stand up to the increasingly powerful drug cartels.
  2. Church leaders look to PM for bold commitment on carbon emissions

    Church leaders have written to the Prime Minister urging him to commit to a 75 per cent reduction in UK carbon emissions by 2030.
  3. UN's new guidance on comprehensive sexuality education shows parents must be 'vigilant'

    The UN's new guidance on comprehensive sexuality education is "about making it that much more inescapable", says family and human rights researcher Dr Rebecca Oas.
  4. Archbishop condemns Nigeria violence after 110 killed in attack

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned an attack in Nigeria that left at least 110 people dead.
  5. Trans teen removed from parents' custody after they refused consent to transition

    In what is believed to be a legal first in the country, the judge ruled that on the balance of probabilities, the teen had suffered verbal abuse "related to his feelings and expression of gender identity".
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