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  1. Colombian social media star wins case over YouTube video removal

    A Colombian YouTuber is celebrating after the courts this week threw out a lawsuit against her for speaking about her traditional marriage beliefs on the video-sharing platform.
  2. Kidnapping, forced conversion and rape of Christian women and girls is 'human rights catastrophe'

    A new report from Aid to the Church in Need has revealed the shocking extent to which atrocities are being committed against Christian women and girls.
  3. Brian Houston case deferred until 2022

    The court case in Sydney against Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston has been delayed until next year.
  4. Evangelicals call for compassion amid Belarus border crisis

    The European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) has accused Belarus of "using human beings as pawns" in the migrant crisis on the country's border.
  5. In Catholic Italy, 'de-baptism' is gaining popularity

    For many, abandoning the church is a statement against its positions on LGBTQ rights, euthanasia and abortion.
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